A Simple Truth; Calendar Boys: September, Book 9 by Jamie Craig

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  • January 31, 2017
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By Jamie Craig

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The recipe Dean had given him had been simple in execution, complicated only in its ingredients and timing. Charlie was determined to get it exactly right. Of course, he’d never completely believed Dean would actually email him with the promised recipes and the request for his address. Their conversation at the bookstore had been fun, but afterward, breaking it down with Bryce over dinner, Charlie had found reason after reason why Dean wouldn’t 27 SEPTEMBER: A SIMPLE TRUTH follow through. He was too young.

Besides an amazing dinner? ” As soon as he got the first morsel on his tongue, Charlie had to agree. Both dug into their meal with fresh gusto, and it wasn’t until his portion of fish was almost gone that Charlie realized he hadn’t even touched the wine yet. ” Picking up his glass, he took a sip, but he needed to pour out the others if he was going to get any kind of true test on which was best. As he worked at the other corks, he watched Bryce sample the risotto. “Maybe if the food turns out this good, I won’t have to worry about small talk during dinner.

You. Who is going to have an extremely intimate and romantic dinner in the convenience of his own home? You. ” When Bryce painted it like that it, it looked very bad. ” His friend’s unwavering gaze compelled him into further confession. “Do I hope something happens? Yeah, I guess I do. Am I terrified about it anyway? Oh, hell yeah. I haven’t even kissed another guy in years, Bryce. ” Bryce tilted the newly open bottle, pouring the wine right to the top of his glass. “I know you said you don’t just want meaningless sex.

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