Amazing Sculpture You Can Do (Gateways Fine Art) by E. J. Gold

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  • January 31, 2017
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By E. J. Gold

Fantastically illustrated with educational photos, this guidebook enables artists of all levels to create their personal unique clay sculptures. themes coated comprise step by step systems on tips on how to decide an armature, clay software, tips about which instruments to exploit, and proposals for casting accomplished sculptures.

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38 Begin by slicing off 3/8” slabs from the larger block of Roma Plastilina with your double-handled wire tool. 39 Soft clay will load best onto your armature. Hard clay won’t stick to either the metal armature or to the larger body of clay. Your job now is to make the big hard brick of Plastilina into small soft blobs of useable clay. 40 Cutting the slab into smaller pieces might require help from a friend, neighbor or fellow artist. You’ll soon find that sharing a studio has many advantages, including sharing the model fees, shipping costs and helping each other with heavy objects.

That clay goes back to the Renaissance sculptors in his 450 year lineage. I give my professional students here at The Blueline Academy a lump of my decades-old Plastilina and you mix this into your clay and then someday you can pass this on when you have students of your own, thus preserving the lineage. 50 You will need many hundreds of little lumps of Plastilina the size of garbanzo beans or large garden peas — flattened garden peas — somewhat flat, not tightly compressed, just a bit on the flattish side — 1/6” to 1/8” thick by about 1/2”, which in metrics would be 3 or 4 mm by 1 cm wide.

You must turn one of the loops to make it round, like this. Then it is ready for loading. 31 The smaller variety of commercial head armature might be easier to begin with. It will use less clay, and be used easily on a table or workbench until you decide on and work with a sculpture stand. 00 depending on complexity, size, quality and strength, variability and ease of replacement following the "foundry chop". This one is the 24" armature on my Hercules stand. 33 My little Hercules stand, is the stand of choice and costs about $250.

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