Antonin Artaud: The Scum of the Soul (Palgrave Studies in Modern European Literature)

This e-book serves as research of the aesthetics of materiality within the multifaceted paintings of Antonin Artaud, one in every of Twentieth-Century France's so much provocative and influential figures, spanning literature, functionality, artwork, cinema, media and significant conception.

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The accuracy of Thévenin’s choice has in view that been positioned into query, and this is still the main debatable quantity of the Œuvres, with critics corresponding to Florence de Mèredieu claiming that Thévenin’s selection of texts used to be easily arbitrary. See Florence de Mèredieu, L’Affaire Artaud (Paris: Fayard, 2009) for a extra monstrous dialogue. five. Artaud, OCXXVI (Paris: Gallimard, 1994), p. forty eight. 6. Artaud, OCIV (Paris: Gallimard, 1978), p. 114. TD, p. 118 7. Artaud, OCIV, p. 114. TD, p. 117. eight. ‘Toute l’écriture c’est de l. a. cochonnerie’, Artaud, OCI, p. a hundred. nine. Artaud, Antonin, Œuvres (Paris: Gallimard, 2004), p. 1506. My translation. 10. Artaud, Œuvres, p. 1504. My translation. eleven. Georges Bataille, ‘Le Surréalisme au jour le jour’ in Œuvres complètes, vol. VIII (Paris: Gallimard, 1976), p. 179. Translation ‘Surrealism from daily’ in Edward Scheer (ed. ), Antonin Artaud: A serious Reader (London: Routledge, 2004), p. 17. 12. ‘cela me laissa un sentiment désagréable, mais à moitié seulement: il m’effraya, mais non sans m’avoir donné une strange impact d’accord’ (‘the incident gave me a slightly unpleasant feeling, yet basically in part: he nervous me, yet no longer with out giving me an odd feeling of sympathy’). Bataille, OCVIII, p. 179. Scheer (ed. ), Antonin Artaud: A serious Reader, p. 17 thirteen. Bataille, OCVIII, p. one hundred eighty. Scheer (ed. ), Antonin Artaud: A severe Reader, p. 17. 14. Michel Surya, Georges Bataille: An highbrow Biography (London and ny: Verso, 2002), p. seventy four. 15. As Surya writes, in his biography of Bataille, ‘during their lifetimes there existed among them or their paintings not anything greater than far-off relationships or affinities’. Surya, Georges Bataille, p. seventy four. sixteen. in keeping with Bataille, Artaud had learn L’Expérience intérieure, inflicting him to jot down a ‘more than half-mad letter’ from Rodez urging him to come to God. See Bataille, OCVIII, p. one hundred eighty, Scheer (ed. ), Antonin Artaud: A serious Reader, p. 17. 17. Bataille, OCI (Paris: Gallimard, 1976), p. 220. Visions of extra: chosen Writings 1927–39 ed. Allan Stoekl (Minnesota: collage of Minnesota Press, 1985), p. forty five. 18. Bataille, OCI, p. a hundred and eighty. Visions of extra, p. sixteen. Notes 171 19. Bataille, OCI, p. 217. Visions of extra, p. 31. 20. Georges Didi-Huberman, l. a. Ressemblance informe ou le gai savoir visuel selon Georges Bataille (Paris: Macula, 1995), p. 333. 21. Didi-Huberman, l. a. Ressemblance informe ou le gai savoir visuel selon Georges Bataille, p. 343. 22. Yve-Alain Bois, ‘Figure’ in Formless: A User’s consultant ed. Bois, Yve-Alain and Krauss, Rosalind (New York: region Books, 1997), p. eighty. 23. Artaud, Œuvres, p. 1523. 24. Roland Barthes, ‘Artaud: écriture/figure’ in Barthes, Œuvres complètes, vol. II (Paris: Seuil, 1995), p. 1186. 25. Artaud, Œuvres, p. 1505. 26. ‘On me demandera ce qu’il en fut d’Artaud. Je réponds que les électrochocs l’ont toujours tiré de sa torpeur et de son accablement, motor vehicle il se remettait à écrire et à dessiner’ (‘I am frequently requested in regards to the case of Antonin Artaud. I reply to those questions through announcing that the electroshock remedy classes consistently introduced him out of his apathy and melancholy, for he started to write and to attract again’).

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