German Expressionism, 1915-25

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D], lyigcast after 1950 Bronze 35V16 X 33'/i6 X 30V16 (90x85 X seventy seven cm) in. deepest assortment Rudolf Belling Bildnis Alfred Flechtheim (Portrait of Alfred Flechtheim), 1927, solid after international Bronze warfare II 7V8X4V4X five seventy eight in. (18. 7X 12x13 cm) I) The Minneapolis Institute of Arts, the lohn R. Van Derlip Fund (Los Angeles and feet. worthy merely) II) Kunstmuseum Diisseldorf, FRG (Dusseldorf and Halle merely) Riidiger Berlit Noli me tangere, 1927 Oil on canvas 40V16X 35'/i(>in. {102 X ninety cm) Museum der bildenden Kunste, Leipzig, GDR Bruno Beye Selbstbildnis {SeU-Ponrnit], 1918 Oil on canvas 22^/16 X i8'7i6in. (57 X forty seven. five cm) Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg, Halle, GDR Bruno Beye SeibstWiJnis // (Self- Portrait II), 1921 Woodcut 8'Vi<. X 7 Vio m. (22. 7 X 18. 2 cm) Staatliche Galerie Moritzburg, Halle, GDR Catalogue of Works 147 Bruno Beye Bildnis eines dlteren Herren beim Zeichnen (Portrait of an previous guy Drawing), 1926 Pencil on paper i8'Vi6 X 12V16 Staatliche Dresden, in. (47. eight X 30. 6 cm) Kunstsammlungen GDR Albert Birkle Revolution, 191 Charcoal on paper 19V16 X 3s^/i6 in. (49 Stadtmuseum X ninety cm) Diisseldorf, FRG thirteen Albert Birkle mit dent Schldchterwagen (Street with the Butcher-Wagon), 1922-23 Strasse Oil on paper in. (71 X loi cm) Marvin and Janet Fishman, Milwaukee 27^Vi6 X 39^/4 14 Peter August Bockstiegel Auszug der Jiinglinge in den Krieg, Studie (Departure of the kids for warfare, Study), 1914 Oil on canvas 38 X sixty six' Vi(. in. [96. five X one hundred seventy cm) Peter August Bockstiegel-Haus, Werther-Arrode, FRG (Los Angeles, Dusseldorf, and Halle basically) (also illustrated in colour on p. 6 five Catalogue of Works 148 15 Peter August Bockstiegel Die Mutter (The Mother), C. 191S Oil on canvas 63'/8X46V4in. |l6i X 117. five cm) Staatliche Kunstsaramlungen Dresden, GDR (also illustrated in colour on p. sixty five) Peter August Bockstiegel Gefdhrten mit Tod (Dei Tod im Lazarett) (Companions with demise [Death within the army Hospital]), igrg Woodcut i4VaX ii'Vi6in. (36. eight X 30 cm) Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden, GDR Peter August Bockstiegel Hilfswerk dei IAH (Relief association of the lAH), 1921 Lithograph poster 26' Vi6 X 20"/r6 in. Staatliche Dresden, (68. s X fifty two. five cm) Kunstsammlungen GDR 18 Lorenz Bosken Der Fahnentrdger (The Flag Bearer), 19 19 Oil on canvas 26 X 21 Vs in. (66 Lorenz Bosken, X fifty five cm) )r. 19 Max Burchartz Die Ddmonen I (The Devils c. I), 1919 Plate I from a portfolio of eight lithographs photograph: 7^/16 X4'Vi6 in. (t8. 9X 12. 2 cm) l. a. County Museum of paintings, Robert Gore Rifkind heart for German Expressionist stories, bought with money supplied by way of Arma Bing Arnold, Museum Acquisition Fund, and Dcaccession cash (Los Angeles merely) Catalogue of Works 149 Otto Dix Der Krieg (War), 19 14 Oil on paper SS'AxiyVsin. (98. five X69. five cm| Kunstmuseum Diisseldorf, FRG jDusseldorf purely) (also illustrated in colour on p. sixty nine) Otto Dix Selbstbildnis als Soldat (Self-Portrait as Soldier), 1914 and verso: a) Selbstbildnis mit Anilleriehelm (SelfPortrait with Artillery Helmet), 1914-15 Oil on paper 26V4X2iVi(,in.

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