Meaning in the Visual Arts: Papers in and on Art History

Papers during this quantity signify a cross-section of Panofsy's significant paintings. Index. 362pp. sixty four pages. B/W illustrations.

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The Forger's Spell: A True Story of Vermeer, Nazis, and the Greatest Art Hoax of the Twentieth Century

As riveting as a global battle II mystery, The Forger's Spell is the real tale of Johannes Vermeer and the small-time Dutch painter who dared to impersonate him centuries later. The con man's mark was once Hermann Goering, some of the most reviled leaders of Nazi Germany and a enthusiast collector of paintings. It was once a nearly excellent crime.

The Bernini Bust

After British artwork historian Jonathan Argyll sells a minor masterpiece to an American museum for an exorbitant rate, the museum's proprietor is murdered, a disreputable paintings broker disappears with a Bernini bust, and Argyll discovers his lifestyles is at risk.

Renaissance Art: A Very Short Introduction

Artists like Botticelli, Holbein, Leonardo, Dürer, and Michelangelo and works equivalent to the final Supper fresco and the huge marble statue of David, are prevalent symbols of the Renaissance. yet who have been those artists, why did they produce such memorable pictures, and the way may their unique beholders have considered those gadgets?

Art in Renaissance Italy: 1350-1500 (Oxford History of Art)

The Italian Renaissance was once a pivotal interval within the historical past of Western tradition in which artists akin to Masaccio, Donatello, Fra Angelico, and Leonardo created the various world's such a lot influential and fascinating works in various inventive fields. right here, Evelyn Welch offers a clean photo of the Italian Renaissance by means of difficult conventional scholarship and putting emphasis on recreating the adventure of up to date Italians: the shoppers who commissioned the works, the participants of the general public who considered them, and the artists who produced them.

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Barb. lat. 711, 10 lat. Atlas 1417, fol. 32. Ca. one thousand. and Nimrod. Rome, Vatican fol. i. eleven The Pagan Gods. Munich, 14271, fol. eleven v. Library, Cod. buddy Ca. 1100. Staatsbibliothek. Clm. Ca. 1100. 12, Saturn from the Chronograph of 354 (Renaissance copy). Rome, Vatican Library, Cod. Barb. lat. 2154, fol. eight. thirteen MS. Saturn, Jupiter, Janus, Dated 1023. and Neptune. Monte Cassino, 132, p. 386. Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars, and Mercury. Munich, 14 Staatsbibliothek, Clm. 10268, fol. eighty five. Fourteenth century. xiii Illustrations x^y Bootes. Leiden, college Library, Cod. Voss. 15 fol 6 v. /7. 9th century. Abduction of Europa. Lyon, Biblioth&que de fol. forty. Fourteenth century. sixteen lat. seventy nine, l. a. Ville, MS. 742, Statue. Cairo Unfinished Egyptian 17 Museum. BerEgyptian Sculptors operating Drawing (papyrus ) . 18 lin, Neues Museum. 19 Madonna. liothek, MS, Head so Hamburg, Staats- in scrinio eighty five, fol. a hundred and fifty five v. und Universitatsbib- Early 13th century. of Christ. Ibidem, fol. fifty nine. Head! of St. Florian (mural) Salzburg, Nonnberg Con21 vent 12th century. , St. 2,2, Noemisia (mural). Anagni, Cathedral. 12th cen- tury. 23 giore. Meo da Siena (? ). Madonna. Florence, Fourteenth century. S. Villard de Hormecourt built Head. -24 foL 19 v. Iiothque Nationale, MS. fr. 19093. Head of Christ Cathedral. Co. 1^35. 25 (stained-glass M. magazine- Paris, Bib- window). Rheims, Albrecht Diirer. Planimetrical development of girl 26 Ca. 1500. determine (drawing L. 38). Berlin, Kupferstichkabinett Albrecht Diirer. Stereometricd building of Male Sachsische Landesbibliothek. Co. determine. previously Dresden, 27 zS cis Titian. Allegory of Prudence. previously London, FranCollection; lately bought at Christie's to Mr. Howard Leggatt. 29 university of RosseDino. Prudence. London, Victoria and Albert Museum. 30 Allegory of Prudence. Rome, Biblioteca Casanatense, 10. Early 15th century. MS. 1404, foL 31 Prudence century. (niello). Siena, Cathedral. overdue fourteenth xv Illustrations The Three-Headed better half of Serapis. Graeco32 iconicae, Egyptian statuette after L. Begems, Lucernae . . . Berlin, 1702. The Three-Headed spouse of Serapis. Graeco33 exEgyptian statuette after B. de Montfaucon, IfAntiquite' ff. Paris, 1722 pUquee, Coin of Caracalla. 34 Serapis. 35 ApoUo. Rome, Vatican Library, Cod. Reg. kt. 1290, foL i v. Ca. 1420. tionale, Apollo and the 3 Graces. Paris, Bibliotheque NaMS. fr. 143, fol. 39. overdue 15th century. 37 Giovanni Zacchi. Fortune. Medal of the Doge Andrea 36 GrittL Dated 1536. Allegory of track. Frontispiece of Franchinus Gaforius, Practica musice, Milan, 1496. 38 39 Hans Holbein the more youthful. Allegory piece of forty Dei J. Eck, De primatu Petri, of Time. Frontis- Paris, 1521. dei Serapis. Engraving from Vincenzo Cartari, Imagini degli Antichi, Padua, 1603. Allegory of excellent information. Woodcut Iconologia, Venice, 1643, s. v. "Consiglio/* forty-one from Cesare Ripa, forty two Jan CoHaert after Giovanni Stradano. Sol-ApoUo. En- graving. Artus Quellinus the Elder. Allegory of excellent information. forty three Amsterdam, Paleis (after J. van Campen, Afbeelding van't Stad-Huys van Amsterdam, 1664-68).

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